Christ on a bike, I can’t believe this post has over 10K notes now. I had to turn off anon messages because every half hour I was getting another message from a gamergater attempting to educate me (not really germane to the point I was inelegantly attempting to make in this comic), or from someone ironically calling me a “fag” (get it? because I said maybe it would be cool if we dialed back the intolerance speech).

I drew this comic in less than a half hour, when I was grumpy and not entirely sober. I didn’t do a great job explaining my points and I used some unnecessarily inflammatory language. I’m not proud of this comic really. It’s definitely not the piece of art I would have chosen to be my first to break 100 notes (this one would be — and I’m happy so many of you found it as a result of reading this comic!!), but hey I made it and I sent it out into the internet and there’s not much I can do about it now.

I do still think everyone should consider how their language affects others (I’m still working on that, ha) and that everyone should always attempt to be as cool as possible to fellow humans. I’m told by several strangers that holding this opinion makes me a SJW. If that’s the case, I’m okay with it! Do I… need to update my business card?

(vía aitorierana)